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henryhoff.org hosts email, git, a wireguard VPN, and this website.

2022-09-04: Compact Server Definitions with Archiso

2022-09-04: Data Management

2022-09-08: Removing the Intel Management Engine from a Thinkpad T400

Most Intel CPU's can be monitored remotely from a separate processor running firmware called the Intel Management Engine. This proprietary firmware can be replaced with the free and open source Libreboot firmware on some Thinkpads, including the T400. On the T400, the boot firmware is stored on a SOIC16 flash chip that can be accessed after disassembling most of the laptop. In this guide I share some pictures and notes from disassembling and flashing libreboot on my T400.

2022-09-04: Generating Sites with Org Publish

I write my website in org mode files except for the index page, which is automatically generated. The index page consists of a header and a list of articles. Each entry in the article list shows the date the article was written, its title, and the abstract if it has one. If the article is not tagged as a stub, the title is a link to the full article. Currently I use org-publish to resolve links and cache exported files, but the caching doesn't work very well. If I find enough reason to switch I might use go-org with a Makefile. I could implement dark mode in CSS by taking the prefers-color-scheme media query into account. Custom stylesheets would probably also work well with this website.